Friday, June 26, 2009

The weirdness of life

Today I decided to take a different tack with my Rhapsody account. Instead of searching in vain for one or two songs I could be bothered to listen to and instead decided to focus on an entire genre. It started with Frank Sinatra and before I knew it, I had progressed from Frankie to Dean-o and I write this I am sort of swooning to a combo Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong duet album. I can actually see myself in one of those old A line dresses from the 1940's with my finger waved hair and delicate little white gloves as I swayed to the music on the front veranda of my southern home.

I don't know what it is about music, but I have always loved the smooth era of jazz, big band and velvet ballads. If you toss aside the race issues, crushing poverty, extreme levels of domestic violence and the overall boring lives of women, I could totally see myself living in the forties.

I don't know why that is, I consider myself to be quite the feminist but there is something about those simpler times that reminds me that in today's constant immediate communication, we have lost some of our mystique, some of the romance that a relationship used to entail, and instead we settle for this belief that marriage or long term relationships must be about drama and difficulty, something to get over.

I will tell you what I want, if I ever get married. I want someone who dances in the living room with me, serves me mint juleps in the winter, reminds me that he thinks I'm beautiful, and now and then greets me with the old fashioned, "Honey I'm home." However, I think I will only ever get that from movies, because let's be honest, if my husband actually did that, I would probably hit him with my feminist frying pan. But a girl can dream right?

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